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Adrenaline Martial Arts - Top Ten Point Fighter Gloves - Premium Range

Adrenaline Martial Arts - Top Ten Point Fighter Gloves - Premium Range

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***PLEASE NOTE - We only sell to Adrenaline Martial Arts Members and do not hold these items in stock. Please do not order unless you are a current member of an Adrenaline Martial Arts school***

Experience the peak of martial arts performance with the Adrenaline Martial Arts Approved - Top Ten Point Fighting Gloves. These gloves are W.A.K.O. Approved and set the standard in the industry for their unparalleled quality and innovation.

Weighing in at just approximately 225 grams per glove, these ultralight Top Ten Pointfighter Gloves give you a feather-light feel without compromising on strength and protection. With additional reinforcement to support the wrist during blocking, you can unleash your true potential in the ring without worrying about wrist injuries.

When it comes to padding, we've used PPS foam to ensure maximum impact absorption - keeping you safe and sound throughout your intense training sessions. The padding is then covered in Nubuk II glossy leather, giving the gloves a sleek, professional look that is as stylish as it is functional.

The inner lining of the gloves is no less impressive. Made with ASL antislip material, it features a grip line that enhances your control and accuracy. Furthermore, the long reinforced thumb lock ensures that your thumb stays securely in place, allowing you to strike with precision and confidence.

Putting them on and securing the gloves is a breeze with the Velcro strap closure. This sturdy closure system ensures a comfortable and snug fit, so you can focus on your training without any distractions.

Available in sizes Medium and Large, these Top Ten Point Fighting Gloves cater to a wide range of practitioners, ensuring a perfect fit for every martial artist.

At Adrenaline Martial Arts, we understand that the journey of a true martial artist is fueled by motivation and passion. That's why our Top Ten Point Fighting Gloves are designed to provide the ultimate experience in speed, agility, and protection. Whether you're an aspiring champion or a dedicated practitioner, these gloves will unleash your inner warrior and take your skills to new heights.

Experience the difference that Adrenaline Martial Arts Approved - Top Ten Point Fighting Gloves can make in your training. Elevate your performance, dominate the competition, and become the champion you were born to be. Join the movement and let your adrenaline soar!

N.B. Please note: We only sell to members of Adrenaline Martial Arts and do not supply non-members - to become a member of an Adrenaline Martial Arts school near you please visit

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